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Channels Connection

Connect to your
online channels and channel managers

Connections and Channel Managers

Channel management advanced online tool. By acquiring this Hstays channel management software you will be able to integrate with the main Channel Managers of the market.

One-way and two-way connections

You may choose between two type of connections. Bookings integration, sending of rates and automatic availability (two-way). On the other hand, you can manage your rates and channels’ availability and integrate it in your Hstays software (onw-way). The decision is yours.

Real availability and overbookings

Do not be afraid to insert all your units online. It takes only a few minutes to update your online availability. With this connection you can automatize your channels’ management, sending of rates and availability in all online channels, therefore, avoiding unnecessary bookings.

No more complex and linger iCal synchronizations. Integrations with Hstays are certified by all the main online channels in the market.

Easy control of your commissions and payments to each channel.