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About Hstays PMS

What is Hstays PMS?

Hstays is an integrated hospitality management system with all the specifications needed by the property Manager. It aims to simplify daily processes and to leverage client’s business.


What is included in the Hstays base package?

Booking manager, Planning, Clients’ Profiles, Check-In,City tax calculation and charge, Billing and specific Reports.


Does Hstays comply with the legal and fiscal requirements in the country where I operate?

In order to analyze each case specifically, we recommend you to speak directly with our team.


What is the limit of units while using the Hstays software?

The number of managed units is indexed to the subscribed license.


Do I need any additional hardware or software to operate with Hstays?

To access and operate with Hstays you only need a computer wi-fi connected.