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Service Terms

These are the service terms to use Hstays

1. To access the technical support, you must be a credential operator. Hstays has the right to refuse technical assistance in case the interlocutor does not identify or cannot confirm its client’s representation.

2. Client or agent must ask for technical support via email (suporte@hstays.pt), independently if the first contact was made by a different vehicle.

3. For each intervention a “ticket” is open in the Hstays system, in which all the verified occurrences will be recorded.

4. If after 24 hours of the technical assistance report emition and/ or of the sending of the intervention closing client doesn’t deliver a written reclaim, the intervention will be considered concluded.

5. Hstays may refuse to assist operators who did not have the needed formation. The exceptions are administration members or managing team members correctly identified.

6. When occurs an error in the system, operator must take note of the displayed message. If possible, do not close the message until contact with a member of the Hstays support team.

7. The technical assistance services are usually made by phone or though remote access – authorized by the client.

8. The post work hours assistance must only be requested in emergency cases. ncias.

9. The following situations are considered emergencies:
a. Error or anomaly while closing the operating day
b. Impossibility to emit fiscally important documents (with no alternatives)

c. Error in the critical connections/ interfaces
d. Inaccessibility to Hstays software.

10.The following services are not included in the technical assistance context:
a. Technical assistance to equipment and systems not sold by Hstays
b. Formation to operators who weren’t present in the initial configuration or formation

c. Specific developments of new features or reports not previously agreed by Hstays. In these cases, clients must contact the commercial team
d. Applications and/ or databases migration for a new server.

11. The technical assistance in client’s building must be requested to the technical department and it relies on a budget approval.

12. In interventions longer than work hours, Hstays client is responsible to support technician alimentation and accommodation (in case of more than one day of intervention needed).

13. Client must confirm the received formation by the certified operators in order to comply with authorities’ requirements.

14. In the automatic connections boot by Hstays Connection Engine all the inserted data (stocks, prices and restrictions) are substitute by values configurated in the rate codes. The rate codes configurations are set up in accordance with the client’s objectives.

15. It’s a responsibility of the client to insert and verify prices, stock and other conditions sent through Hstays Connection Engine to the contracted channels; the integrated bookings verification as well.

16. It’s the client’s responsibility to introduce and verify prices, stock, images, content and other conditions in the Hstays Booking Engine, the received bookings verification as well.

17. After the personal data form in the Hstays Booking Engine, clients will be redirected to the Paypal/ other payments’ partner page. After that moment, Hstays has no longer the control over the operation. Please, verify your account in your payment solution.

18. Hstays may refuse to assist clients with pendent payments.

19. All the operations less than 100,00 euros or superior (authorized by the client) will be charged via SDD in the 15th of the service execution following month.

20. Any other possible condition is listed in the contract between Hstays and the client.